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How to write a covering letter

A well written covering letter or e-mail can make all the difference when applying for a position directly with a prospective employer. It is your chance to make personal contact and convince employers that you should be interviewed.

The following should help you when drafting your covering letter.

  • Use the same font as your CV and follow a standard business letter format.  Download Standard Covering Letter Word Format 
  • The covering letter should be no more than one page long
  • Always write to a named individual and quote the reference
  • Customise your letter for each role you apply for
  • Tailor your information to the role and highlight your skills and achievements
  • Structure your letter into four paragraphs
      1. An opening paragraph about yourself
      2. A brief outline of your experience and skills and why you are interested in working for ABC PLC
      3. An explanation of how you could add value
      4. End by politely expressing interest in further dialogue
  • Check for grammar and spelling mistakes meticulously
  • Unless you have been requested to provide a hand written covering letter, always send a typed version

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