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How to write a CV

Having a well constructed CV alone does not secure you a job. However, a poorly constructed one can prevent you from even being invited to attend an interview.

The format of the CV

There is no such thing as the perfect CV. The structure of your CV is very personal. Factors including your career history, achievements and education can all govern how you construct your CV. You may have only recently left University, and as such, the format should focus more on your education than career history, and in such circumstances, consider putting your education before your career history.
Download Sample CV Word Format

At Atebion we believe that you should take the time to construct a CV that highlights your skills for the role you wish to apply for. You will have undoubtedly developed a number of transferable skills and you should highlight a few of these that best suit the role on your CV, rather than trying to state everything you have ever done.

When creating your CV

  • Unless you have held a number of senior positions that warrant a 3 page CV, aim to keep it within 2 pages
  • Avoid superfluous personal details about your marital status, children, religion, sex, political affiliations etc
  • Start with a short summary profile. It should be objective and highlight your skills not clichés such as "a good team player". Tailor your profile to the role you are applying for
  • List your career history and education in reverse chronological order
  • Use bullet points to highlight your responsibilities, and highlight your achievements separately, with more detail on your most recent position. Remember an achievement is where you have added value above and beyond your responsibilities
  • Try and find someone independent to objectively review your CV and take on board their suggestions
  • Highlight any additional skills you may have such as being fluent in a foreign language, but again keep it relevant to the position you are applying for
  • Do not list every training course you have ever attended
  • Never give reasons for leaving a position or state salary details on your CV
  • There is no need to state "references are available upon request", this is assumed
  • Always print your CV on A4 white paper

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