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Interview Preparation

Research the Company

Spend some time researching the company, its products or services, the company accounts, its competitors etc. Being able to answer the question "Can you tell me what you know about ABC PLC?" not only shows your prospective employer that you are keen to join their organisation, but also enables you to talk compellingly about them.

You should be able to ask questions about their business and how the position that is being recruited for fits in with the company's strategy

Preparing for the Interview

Find out what the interview will involve, and ensure you are completely prepared.

  • Who will be interviewing you?
  • When and where will the interview be held?
  • Will there be a test?
  • Do you have to make a presentation?
  • Prepare any questions you want to ask in advance, but also listen during the interview (and take notes if need be) to ask additional questions.
  • Be prepared for questions you will be asked (see attached link Typical Interview Questions)
  • Know your CV

Plan your Journey in advance

You should aim to arrive 10 minutes before your interview. Being punctual is a strong indicator of your professionalism and enthusiasm for the role. You may wish to consider arriving earlier and going for a coffee somewhere to settle yourself.

Make sure you know where you are going, how long it is going to take and what manner of transport you will use. Leave yourself plenty of time in case or traffic or train delays.

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