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Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews are becoming an increasingly more popular method for vetting potential employees as a first round stage of interviews.

However, you should treat this as an advantage and ensure you are fully prepared for such dialogue. These types of interviews provide you with the unique opportunity to have information to hand during your conversation.

Before the Interview

  • If you have provided a mobile contact number, make sure you are in a room with clear reception and free from any outside noise, however, if possible, provide a land line contact number.
  • Have pre-prepared questions, your CV and any research material you have on the company to hand.
  • Have a glass of water or other drink readily available.
  • Make sure you have a pen and paper should you need to make notes.

During the Interview

  • You should treat this as any other interview you would attend with the added advantage of being able to look at all of your preparation notes.
  • Speak in a polite and confident manner.
  • Try to remain standing as your voice will come across clearer and more confident.
  • Try to relax, and before you respond to more difficult questions, pause briefly and think about how you want to convey your answer. The interviewer(s) will be assessing you for a number of different competencies. These will include your personality, your management, technical and analytical skills to name but a few.
  • Remember that an interview is a two way process. Let your personality stand out and above all, do not try to portray an image you think the interviewer is looking for. More often than not, you'll be mistaken, just be yourself.
  • At the end of the interview if the interviewer has not told you what the next stage is, show you are keen to progress. Be positive and ask what happens next, or if there is anything you can add to alleviate any concerns or reservations they may have.
  • Many candidates fail this last stage by not showing their enthusiasm for the role.

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